Thank you for visiting Urban Baby Organics. I am so happy to bring you beautiful, organic items for your baby! I am passionate about creating a safe, natural environment for those we love and strive in all ways to support producers who feel the same. I am a new mom to a beautiful boy and have found the accessibility to quality natural and organic baby items quite tricky. I have thus started this line. These are items you just can’t find in stores. They are adorable, high quality items that every mom needs, uses and loves. They make great gifts and will last through many kids.

I hope you and those you love, enjoy my items:)

You may say it started with a gift……

As anyone with a baby finds, what I call ‘baby juices’ become a large part of motherhood. When my baby started drooling at 4 months, it has flowed since. That combined with spit up and everything else that came with, lead me to the world of bibs and burp cloths. My little guy is always wearing a bib, and I always have a burp cloth nearby. I thus want them to be cute, functional and durable.

A great friend of mine since childhood and her mom gave me a present at my baby shower I will never forget. As I opened it I remember her saying something about how there were several items and they didn’t really go together. She had sewn me some burp cloths and a blanket and given me a few items such as a pacifier holder for my car seat. She felt it was a bit ‘hodgepodge’. I knew immediately it was a gift I would forever use and never forget. She was a mom and knew what moms needed.

I use her blanket every morning when I wake up with my son and play. I have used her burp cloths everyday, every hour the first 6 months, and still don’t go anywhere without a few. It is gifts like hers that are so meaningful, thoughtful and useful. I hope in some ways to pass that on to other moms, making quality baby items for those we love.

Now submersed in the world of baby juices, needing quality bibs and not being able to find them in stores, I have started to make my own. My husband still laughs at our “stash”, who would have thought we needed so many! We have a whole drawer full of bibs and burp cloths and even he says, we need more! Now when someone we know is having a baby, he is the first to check, “You are making them bibs and burp cloths right?” “Yes babe”.

Sometimes the simple items in life are the best:)


My Materials:

Organics are a passion for me. I love to support growers and producers of natural products and hope in my lifetime to watch the industry grow much larger. All of my organic products are 100% Organic Cotton all the way from the fabric to the thread! The producers I work with are all certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and/or the OE 100 (Organic Exchange Standard). The dyes are low impact and non toxic. Tender on your little ones delicate skin.


  • Organic Cotton Prints – come from a variety of Certified Organic Producers including: Monaluna, Birch Fabrics, Cloud9 Fabrics, and Robert Kaufman
  • Organic Flannel – I am so happy to feature flannel from Organic Cotton Plus. They make such quality fabrics that are so beautiful and soft. I haven’t found anything that compares! Plus they have a double weight flannel that is soooo absorbent, perfect for my burp cloths. All of their fabrics are unbleached, and of course grown without the use of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. For more on their company: http://organiccottonplus.com/pages/about-us
  • Organic Thread – 100% Organic Cotton Thread from Scanfil


Scrap Happy:

Waste not, want not! All fabric scraps are saved and used for pillow and toy animal stuffing!